ASB Featured on Huffington Post Live


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While many students spend spring break on a beach somewhere, others make the most of their time by doing something unique. HuffPost Live goes on campus to speak with students about their alternative spring break trips.

Originally aired on March 19, 2014

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ASB Detroit Featured in Your Black World


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While many college kids were spending spring break drunk in Florida, some Howard University students chose to spend their spring break performing community service in Detroit.

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Memphis Reflections


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By: Brandi Montgomery

MEMPHIS (March 16, 2014)- Smiles … Laughter … Tears, this experience was a once in a lifetime and there is no place else that I would have rather spent my Spring Break. Every connection and network I made throughout this week will be used tremendously. Beginning last week with a wonderful church service to lead us into a busy week was a great start. We were able to go to six different sites and meet numerous of people. Aside from the different mixers and mingling sessions with alumni, we were able to influence others just like they had done when talking with us. During our visit in Memphis Tennessee, we completed service at Wells Child, Planned Parenthood, Mt. Zion Christian Cemetery, Boys and Girls Club, Juvenile Detention Center and last but definitely not least Northside High.

The Memphis site had two groups; education and health. I was a part of the health group. Each group had to continuously get up around 5:30 and 6:30 and be ready to board the bus around 7:15. This was the only bad part about spring break. We were housed within Boulevard Baptist Church gym for free of charge. There is no words or gift that we could give back to say Thank You. Indeed, we gave back with a small deed by helping the church pack variety of boxes filled with foods to give to the homeless. I was overwhelmed to do this labor because I knew that this food would be placed on tables that are less fortunate.

We were awakened so early to arrive at Well Child by 7:45. We were able to learn so many different things from the different doctors. Well Child is a free health care provider for Shelby County Schools in Memphis. They go out to the schools and provide free screening, eye test, ear test, etc. to these students that would less likely get these types of check-ups if it weren’t for Well Child. We, Howard students were able to help them by providing a new name for Well Child, coming up with new incentives, and different ways to get the children to receive a check-up. In other words we played as if we were a marketing company for Wells Child. The judges responded with bright smiles after the different groups relayed their ideas and skits. It was my pleasure coming up with ideas and by knowing that the outcome would get more students encouraged to check their health made be happy.

Speaking on health, we also learned about safe sex. After receiving and completing training we were awarded a certificate of completion for Sexpert Training: Sexual Health Training for Educators and Advocates by Mrs. Elokin. To spread our knowledge we went to the Boys and Girls Club filled with teenagers and young adults to speak with them about having safe sex. Although some of them already had children of their own, they told us that the information was very helpful for their future. While some of the Boys and Girls thought they was already experienced and knew the information they found out otherwise during a game that we played. I really wish that we had spent more time with this group.

As well as with the Juvenile Detention Center. The boys was appreciative to have us come and speak with them about something positive. As we spoke with them they told us that no one has ever came and told them anything good, everybody always come yell at them and tell them that they will never be anything or put them down for the mistakes that they have already made. Having this conversation with them was not only effective for them but effective for me as well. There is no such thing as a greater sin, I understand by law they have to be locked up but they should still be treated as humans. I hope to really be able to stay in contact with them by writing them during their stay. I want to continue to encourage them because the future can still be theirs.

Last but not least, the children of Northside High during the Education Summit. This High school consist of about 200 students and is on the verge of closing down. Aside from all of the children personal life issues they remain strong. In just one week I was able to gain numerous of mentees and a bond with these children. They trusted me enough to open up to me and for that I am thankful. I truly have faith in these students and I will make it my duty for them to strive for excellence and have faith in their selves. Many of them had already become discouraged because of where they are from so they no longer believed in dreams. But by the last day each one of them had goals, and were confident that they would achieve them. I will be attending their graduation in three years, and I will be staying in contact with them. They definitely have a spot in my heart. “Who are we, NORTHSIDE! Where we from, NORTH MEMPHIS!”

Overall this 15 hour bus trip to Memphis and commitment to serve and help rebuild this broken community was worth it and needed. Being that I am a people’s person, it was not hard for me to cope with others and meet new people, I actually had fun standing in solitary with people I have never met and affirming their humanity and values. It has made me value life more and encourage me to make a change. I have learned life lessons that I will carry into my future. I have valued every moment with my fellow ASB participants, people I met, and the legacy of Howard University.

ASB Detroit: Howard University Students Trade Spring Break Trips for Metro Detroit Volunteering


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DetroitFreePressThey could be lounging on beaches or cavorting with hometown high school pals.

Instead, a busload of college kids from the nation’s capital are using their spring break to perform community service this week in metro Detroit — where their days start at 5:30 a.m., and their nights are spent on air mattresses in the gymnasium of a Redford Township church.

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A Look Back at ASB DC


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By: Kalen Kennedy

WASHINGTON (March 15, 2014)- Reigning from different regions and towns as far as the Caribbean to Detroit, our ASB DC group has experienced a vast amount of suffering and devastation in one manner or another. Their stories are as unique as any other

- High school students prepared a sign for the ASB volunteers.

– High school students prepared a sign for the ASB volunteers., and this is likely what motivated them all to be such caring individuals. 

Visiting Covenant House, however, still managed to be a life changing experience for each and every person who volunteered. The very first day, three of our group members and our site advisor were able to sit and have a heart to heart with three different youths in what began as a panel discussion. They discussed life  and goals, staying on a positive path, education, child raising, and being true to yourself and God. The connection that these Howard students made with three young men in Covenant House helped them learn to acknowledge people’s humanity and not merely their life situations. Yes, some of the members spent most of their time at Covenant House hiding, in order to avoid reorganizing their disheveled (to say the least) library. On the way back to what would become the group’s headquarters, Howard’s School of Divinity, they listened to the mixtape created by the members of the Covenant House, astonished to realize that this compilation of songs was created not only by children, but also that it focused on their goals and aspirations. The music created by these bright, young children allowed the nostalgia to resonate in each and every group member.

With the group being split into two different sites, one at the Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School and the other at Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School, each group member had a completely different experience. Each experience was magnificent, nonetheless. In the elementary classes each volunteer was loved by the students; to the point where the children literally cried and held on to the group members’ legs so they could not leave. From playing with the kids at recess to motivating them in the classroom, the volunteers grew closer to the children than ever could be imagined. “Working with the babies has given me the motivation to wake up each morning and continue serving. They love when I show up in class every day, and I love them right back,” says one of the volunteers. Those who worked at Dunbar high school have not only created strong supporters of HU and its legacy, but they have also formed relationships with students who do not have that many positive relationships in their life. The high schoolers were even more sad than the young children were to see their volunteers leaving.

Howard students posing with high school students in DC

Howard students posing with high school students in DC

Over the past week, my life here in DC as a Howard student has been completely flipped upside down. I’ve connected with not only students but people in my community; people who are struggling more than I could have ever imagined. I guarantee that I will see these people soon and they can continue to make the great influence on my life that they already have. As a volunteer group we’ve served together, we’ve laughed together, we’ve shared together and we’ve cried together. We have become a family and if I didn’t see even one person ever again then it would really hurt. I saw how much my new family has actually contributed when I looked in the eyes of those we were serving. I absolutely believe that we’ve changed lives and we will be following up on every project that we’ve been involved in. I found a new love for DC, Howard, and my Howard family.

ASB Detroit Featured in Detroit Free Press


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Inside the gymnasium of Osborn High School in Detroit on Friday came the pounding beat of a pep rally.

But the gathering wasn’t for a sports team. It was a Rally for Education, a noisy, colorful thank-you for 52 college students from Washington, D.C., who gave up their spring break to mentor Osborn students and help nurture their dreams of success.

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“Rally for Education” at Osborn High School


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By: Victoria Jones, ASB Detroit Journalist


Jack Martin speaks to students at the rally.  Photo Credit: Iasha Watson

DETROIT (March 14, 2014) — Today marks the last day of service for ASB Detroit.  The week has ended with a “Rally for Education” at Osborn High School.  Several motivational speakers spoke to students in Osborn’s gymnasium to celebrate the importance of education and commemorate Howard University for their service with Alternative Spring Break.  The speakers included the President of University of Detroit Mercy, Antoine Garibaldi, the Emergency Manager of Detroit Public Schools Jack Martin and ASB Detroit site coordinator Chelsea Gaddis.

This rally was very inspiring for both the ASB participants and the students of Osborn High School.  It was also a very emotional day because it was the last day for the mentors and the mentees.

The rally and the ASB participants will be featured in the Detroit Free Press tomorrow.


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